Planning a Wedding Event in Washington DC: Payment Methods to Consider

When planning a wedding event in Washington DC there are many factors to consider including payment due dates benefits risks associated with requiring payments in any form.

Planning a Wedding Event in Washington DC: Payment Methods to Consider

When it comes to planning a wedding event in Washington DC, there are many factors to consider, one of which is payment due dates. It's important to note that these are generalizations based on experience and that not all event companies structure their payments the same way. Some wedding companies structure payment plans to ensure that the advance balance is paid, in full, before the services are provided at the wedding or event. Often, these professionals include planners, locals, bakeries, floral designers, and rental companies. These companies may also require a credit card to be registered, which will then be used for charges that occur at the event (i.e.

burnt sheets, damaged walls, broken porcelain, etc.). In our opinion, all professionals should request full and final payment no later than three weeks before the event. This method almost eliminates the risk of not receiving payment for the services provided. Wedding planners and other event professionals risk losing revenue and a considerable amount of time if they don't require full payment before the event. For those professionals who incur charges during or after the event, make sure you have the customer's credit card registered to manage those expenses, and clearly describe in your contract what the card will be used for, the amounts and the consequences if the card is declined. If the services provided do not meet the customer's expectations (regardless of whether or not they met the terms of the agreement), then it is the customer who has the responsibility to seek a solution, not the professional to collect the balance due.

In any case, your wedding planning contract and those of the wedding professionals you work with should clearly detail the payment agreements and services to be performed, as well as cover late payment charges, underfunding charges, and the implications of unsatisfactory services. When it comes to deciding what types of payment methods should be considered when planning a wedding event in Washington DC, it's important to take into account both benefits and risks associated with requiring payments in any form. Are any payments made directly to the event organizer strictly for your time, organization and decoration? Michelle, you could definitely make structured payments. It really depends on what you need to make cash flow work better for your business. We usually require final payment 2 weeks before the event. We had a customer where we made an exception and, in turn, they dodged the final payment.

I will definitely take the advice of having a card on file to process it in case this happens again. This little fact could have saved us a lot of headaches. I've been working closely with both couples and wedding planners and I think being transparent and direct with your clients helps. Of course, you don't have to ask for 100% of the fee in advance, but they do need to understand that a certain amount of time, effort, and money goes into gathering resources and planning the wedding of their dreams. Many are also experts at adding live flowers to their wedding cakes with advance notice and planning it with their baker. Making a budget and sticking to it can make wedding planning a lot easier, even if that means crossing some Pinterest decorating ideas off your list.

When your estimated wedding budget and your ideal wedding day coincide, create a spreadsheet and set aside a dollar amount for each aspect of the event. Use your wedding guest list to keep track of addresses, RSVs, and gifts you receive along with who's invited to bachelorette parties or rehearsal dinners. Compiling a wedding guest list should seem simple but of all details you can deal with while planning your wedding; this is one thing couples around the world struggle with. Finding the right wedding DJ can be a challenge but following information provided will help ease stress of finding perfect one. An inexperienced wedding DJ can make your reception a real nightmare so make this decision as a wedding photographer. Do your research about type of wedding you want where you want it and day you want; be honest about whether it fits your budget and adjust plan accordingly.

I always advise couples to use professional planner or at least coordinator for day. We've created this guide to help Washington DC brides and grooms plan organize and budget their wedding. Most couples choose date between 12-18 months plan organize best reflects their ideas vision taste. When estimated budget coincides create spreadsheet set aside dollar amount each aspect event. Ultimately all event professionals want customer happy contracts clear concise so make sure yours does.

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